1. Medical & Dental Expenses

a. Medical Mileage:
b. Out of Pocket Medical & dental Expenses:
c. Description of Medical & dental Expenses:

2. Paid Taxes

a. Real Estate Taxes
b. Personal Property Taxes:
c. Car/Truck Property Taxes:
d. Car Tag:

3. Interest You Paid

a. Home Mortgage Interest:
b. Name:
c. Address:
d. ID No:
e. Mortgage Interest Premiums:
f. Investment Interest:

4. Gifts of Charity

a. Contributions by cash or cheek:
b. # of miles to make contributions:
c. Non cash contributions:
d. Description of Contributions:

5. Unreimbursed Job Expenses

a. Educator Expenses:
b. Union & Professional Dues:
c. Uniforms:
d. Tools:
e. Cell Phone:
d. Dry cleaning:
d. Upkeep & Appearance:
d. Tax Preparation Fees:
d. Casualty Theft Loss:
d. Safe Deposit Box Fees:
d. Loss on IRA:
d. Gambling Loss:

6. Employee Business Expenses:

a. Parking fees, tolls, transportation:
b. Travel Expenses for overnight trips:
c. Meal & Entertainment Expenses:
d. Other Business Expenses:
e. Total Vehicle Mileage Driven:
f. Total Business Mileage:
g. Gas, Oil, Repairs, Insurance:
h. Vehicle Rentals:

7. Child & Dependent Care Expenses

a. Care Provider Name:
b. Care Provider Address:
c. Care Provider EIN or SSN:
d. Amount Paid for Year:
e. Which dependent is the child dependent care for:
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